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Want to become a real-life mayor

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Learn techniques and develop your brain as well as your city

I am fan of SimCity BuildIt game and like other millions of youth I also wanted to be a mayor or a creator of my own planet. One SimCity BuildIt launched I was in my first year of college and since its launch I started it playing and developing my city in virtually. Since then I started living it and decided to be a virtual mayor of my own city. In SimCity BuildIt game I learn a lot about how to be a model mayor of a city and how should be our real city in our real-life. In game needs of Sims are similar with us. Like us they also wanted to be live in the garbage free area, they also wanted a clean city and a decorative city around them, they also want entertainment in their life and they also on their basic needs like water and electricity and drainage.

Politicians should learn how to build a city from SimCity BuildIt

the game is very interesting as it is based on building infrastructure and real time gaming. Electronics arts is a company which created game. They set up a picture in front of us about how should be a model city. I wish that our politicians and our mayor’s should play this game so that they can improve their mindsets and starts working really for their city. This is very important message I want to give all our politicians to keep city held the safe and well the like SimCity BuildIt.

Go ahead with your imagination

In SimCity BuildIt game there are many options provided by the game developer’s to create a city which can fulfil everybody’s dream and scarcity of demand. One cannot stop himself during playing this game of his own because this is the game which is trending today and that is why peoples are playing this game is during their working hours too. People also search for its solution when they stuck on any level of the game. They directly go to the Internet and search for its simcity buildit hack. I don’t know they are getting it or not but this level of craziness is only shown in the game like SimCity BuildIt.

Megapolis is a competitor

however Megapolis is also a game like SimCity BuildIt and is a competitor of SimCity BuildIt game in today’s date. But those who are playing SimCity BuildIt will not turn to Megapolis because there are very difference between these two games while you play them separately. One who play Megapolis would not like SimCity BuildIt and one who is playing SimCity BuildIt will not like Megapolis game. These two games are different from each other but both are same structural building game is available in the market.

EA sports gaming company

EA sports is one of the world’s most popular gaming company currently trending in the market of gaming. SimCity BuildIt is one of the games of EA sports and this company is already in the market of console gaming, computer gaming and now in mobile gaming. If you are a fan of EA sports then you must should try SimCity BuildIt game on your mobile device.

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